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University Teaching

Positive student-teacher relationships lead to meaningful student outcomes, including academic achievement. As an educator, Dr. Yasamin Bolourian is passionate about enhancing her students' educational experiences and supporting their success. To establish strong relationships, she prioritizes her students and strives to get to know each of them - their likes, dislikes, talents, and pursuits. To help foster student engagement and establish learning relevance, she incorporate examples from my research, clinical training, community work, and professional service into lessons, when possible. These principles form the foundation from which she builds and nurtures other dynamic virtues of education. In this effort, Dr. Yasamin grounds her teaching in continuous reflection, a willingness to embrace stimulating experiences, and an aptitude to learn.

In addition to teaching as an instructor at the University of California Riverside in the Graduate School of Education, Dr. Yasamin been invited to speak to classrooms of graduate and undergraduate students on topics such as: 

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Evidence-based interventions for autism

  • School-based interventions for autism

  • Teacher training 

  • Family stress


“Professor Bolourian is an excellent presenter. She was able to present complex concepts in a very comprehensive way. Though this was new material, it was never hard to grasp the main concepts of the course because she was great at explaining it. ”

Academic and Professional Presentations

UCR Center for Health Disparities Research (HDR)
2021 Symposium

This research symposium provided an opportunity for researchers at UCR to share about current research taking place on campus. As an HDR awardee, Dr. Yasamin Bolourian was invited to present on her NIMH-supported project, Parent Experiences of Remote Learning Study or PERLS.  

Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA)
2021 Virtual Conference

This session at HECA was paneled by Dr. Yasamin Bolourian, Dr. Jan Blacher, Dr. Sasha Zeedyk, and Hunter White, moderated by Dr. Eric Endlich. The discussion included clips from the award-winning documentary, Autism Goes to College, and covered topics such as autism disclosure, college readiness, parent involvement, and more.

For additional details about provided presentations, refer to the curriculum vitae

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